Friday, 29 June 2018

Registration Process

Registration Process for Garth Webb Secondary School

September 2019-2020 (Current Year)

Here is a link to the HDSB's school locator, to ensure that students are within school boundaries.

Students who wish to register at Garth Webb Secondary School must complete a Student Registration Form, which is used at all schools in the Halton District School Board.

When families are coming to register students, there are several pieces of identification and information that are needed. Here is a checklist of what is required.

If you are transferring from another high school, please complete the Application to Transfer form and include it in the registration package.

To help with course selection at the time of your appointment, please review the various courses offered (2019-2020 course descriptions) at Garth Webb and complete the course selection sheet. More information on course selection can be found here on the website

Once you have all forms completed, please call Garth Webb Student Services (905) 847-7750 ext. 233 and book a registration appointment. Please bring ALL required documents with you to the appointment to be verified by our Guidance counsellors.

Note: 45 minutes will be allotted for all new registration appointments.