Course Selection


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We are pleased to let you know that the course selection process for next year (2020-2021) is now open.  To begin the process, each student must log on to using their school login and password.  

Our guidance department will be hosting grade assemblies on December 17, 18 to give students information about new course offerings and regional program highlights.  We will also be hosting an evening for parents on January 16th at 6:30 pm.  Course selections are due no later than February 15th.  

It is important that students make well planned, thought out, well researched course selections in order for us to build the best timetable for our students.  We build our staff based on student course selections and we build our timetable based on their selections.  A lot of decisions are made as a school based on the student course selections.  Also, college and university programs have certain requirements for admission.  When students are doing their research, they are encouraged to investigate programs of interest and determine what courses are required for admission.  We encourage students to make an appointment with their guidance counsellor to discuss different options.

Students entering Grades 10 or 11 must select eight courses.  Students entering Grade 11 are encouraged to look ahead to Grade 12 courses to review the pre-requisites.  A student behind in credits or compulsory classes should plan to attend summer school or choose to repeat/add a course as part of their selections.

In addition to courses offered at Garth Webb, a number of online courses are available through the Halton District School Board.

Please take some time to research courses and choose them wisely.   We encourage students to speak with their family, teachers, and guidance counsellors about the courses they select.  Once our timetable is set, it is difficult to make changes as courses become full.

Here are some key dates around course selections:
  • December 17-19 - Grade assemblies
  • December 17 - Feb 15 - Course selection is open
  • January 8  Tuesdays at 10 - topic is 5 Points to Post Secondary Planning
  • January 16 - Family Course Selection and Pathway planning information session at GWSS 6:30 pm
  • February 13 - Last day to submit course selections for 2020-2021

Enjoy choosing courses and always know that if you have questions we are here to help.