Post-Secondary Planning

Post-Secondary Planning – Useful Websites

Course Selection and Future Planning:
First time users select Garth Webb as their school, then students use their OEN and birthdates to enter their personal Planner.  Use your first class email address (also your computer login) and your four digit computer login password.

Apprenticeship Websites:

College Websites:  You will use this website to plan, and to apply to Ontario Colleges.  This website provides information on transferring from a College program to a University program in Ontario.  Colleges and Universities in Canada.

University Websites:  Information about all programs at Ontario Universities.  Ontario University Application Centre.  Universities in Canada.  Information about U.S. schools.

Workplace Websites:

All Pathways:  The Ontario School Counsellors’ Association has a portion of their website devoted to Students where you can research all pathways. 

Scholarships and Awards, Financial Information:
For a calculator of university costs, click here.
For information about college costs, click here.

SAT Information:

Information on Post-Secondary Education and Careers:  A web-based publication that provides information on current trends and future outlooks for occupations common to Ontario.  Provides data on Ontario college programs and employment outcomes.

Also remember your Guidance Counsellor is here to help you too!